About Quintos Pharmaceuticals



Quintos Story

Quintos Pharma Pvt .Ltd is an emerging pharmaceutical company based at Mumbai. It is established in 2016 with a motive to be always with the doctors and their patients in the journey of healing. We are putting all our core values Quality , Innovation and Trust  together to reap excellence in the field of healthcare.

Quintos products are manufactured at a WHO-GMP & ISO-9001:2008 certified transnational manufacturing company that has a full-fledge R & D and regulatory department at Roorkee (Uttarakhand) and is being upgraded as per U.K. MHRA norms, adopting US FDA Guidelines.



Diabetes is unlike other diseases; where medication alone can often times successfully treat it.  There are a lot of other components to diabetes, such as: the diabetes disease process, nutritional management, physical activity, medications, glucose monitoring, and psychosocial adjustment.

Diabetes education makes you more aware of diabetes, what it takes to treat it, and gives you the power to control it.  Diabetes education allows you to better incorporate education into your life and make the necessary changes to improve your lifestyle.

Quintos Empowering Patients

We offer following services to patients at a nominal price at the discretion of doctors.

  • Nutritional Advice through-out the year from Eminent Dieticians
  • Art of Living courses to manage stress and strain in day to day life of patients
  • Diabetes Education Programs where ever required
  • Diet Chart free for patients in regional languages
  • Fitness Apps free of cost to patients to encourage them to do exercise on a daily basis
  • Educating Patients on cardiac and diabetic emergencies
  • CPA programs exclusively for patients (Creating Patient Awareness)